Acknowledgement of our commitment requires each of us take personal responsibility for and embrace the STANDARDS of BEHAVIOR.

It all begins with "I will......."

How will you make a difference today? Will you comfort a family grieving a loss? Will you be a positive role model and support for co-workers? Will you make patients and visitors feel welcome? Will you express appreciation to physicians who are committed to excellent patient care?

Job descriptions tell what we do, while Standards of Behavior guide us on how to do it.  They give us specific practices on how to approach our responsibilities and how to interact with each other, physicians, patients, families and visitors.

I ask each existing employee and each prospective applicant to commit to be accountable for complying with our Standards. In addition, I expect you to remind co-workers if you witness behavior that's not consistent with our Standards.  When all of us share this responsibility, WRHS becomes the place where patients choose to receive care, employees desire to work, physicians want to practice, and families and visitors feel welcome!

We run a Hospital, clinics and medical services.

WRMC Batesville, Arkansas, USA
Sep 01, 2021
I work at White River Medical Center as a private, independent physician. The hospital does not have a vaccine mandate. If you are in the medical field as a physician, nurse, physician assistant, rad tech, respiratory therapist, support staff; come join us. If you're being threatened or harassed at your current job, come join us. If your current hospital or clinic has opted to place optics ahead of science, come join us. A great town to raise kids, unbelievable outdoor (and underground) activities.  Why be anxious. Come join a great team.