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We know that physical and emotional discomfort are symptoms of imbalance.  Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Herbal Prescriptions, Massage Therapy, and age-old nutrition and lifestyle hacks are complementary health care tools that restore this balance by addressing the foundational aspects of health.

Our practitioners are the finest in the area and offer many results-focused treatment styles. We've been located in Oak Creek since 2011 and are also a convenient distance from the neighboring areas of Franksville, Raymond, Franklin, South Milwaukee, St Francis, Cudahy, Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, and Racine.

$51.00 hourly
Live Oak Health Oak Creek, WI, USA
Oct 01, 2021
We call our LMT’s “pain relief specialists.” If you’ve been practicing for longer than 3 years, and can honesty call yourself a specialist, I’d love to talk with you.  Our 1600 sq ft professional stand-alone facility has room for the right 2 part or full-time independent contractor LMT's! Live Oak Health is a destination in Oak Creek, serving our community since 2011. We are currently 2 acupuncturists/herbalists and 3 massage therapists. New clients call us every day based on word of mouth referrals and our unbeatable Google reviews. A large majority of our clientele are other health professionals and their referrals, first responders, veterans, and athletes looking for real results after a long search for help. Excellent transparent compensation plan and support for you and your clients. Online booking, record keeping, and payments. Confidence in your skills and in yourself, punctuality, reliability, and self-discipline are MUST- haves. Afternoon, evening, and weekend...