Endeavor Risk Advisors, LLC

Endeavor Risk Advisors is founded on the principle of always putting our clients’ needs first. We are a small, independent, boutique benefits consulting and brokerage firm that advocates for our clients, their employees, and employees’ families.

We serve our clients as consultants by navigating the benefits landscape to meet their strategic objectives, specializing in helping companies reduce their healthcare costs and the time spent on the administration of the benefits plans.

$100,000 yearly
Endeavor Risk Advisors, LLC Remote (Dallas, TX, USA)
Sep 30, 2021
Attention: Employee benefits brokers, employee benefits insurance broker, employee benefits insurance consultants, and employee benefits salespeople in general. We are a small independently held firm that is the polar opposite of the big firms. We have no quota’s, no debt and will give you a bigger piece of the pie than anyone in town. We also won’t ask you to sign a non-compete, and if /when you leave, we will pay you on what you leave behind. Oh, and the best part, we have a better platform/service model than our competitors that we are innovating at a faster pace Please reach out to me directly to have a conversation. (Note: the annual salary range is $100,000 plus, but not available to display in the system)