Q Sciences

I’m a nurse in Michigan and a mama of four!

In February, I left my previous company and partnered with Q Sciences a ground floor health and wellness company. I watched my friend pave the way for a few months before jumping in and wish I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did. When people say timing matters they mean it!

I’ve never seen a company plan as generous as this one with a debt payoff program that is currently paying $200 toward my credit card debt on top of my monthly checks and bonuses.

There’s no harassing your friends and family to buy from you because the products are THAT GOOD that they really do sell themselves and work IMMEDIATELY.

We also have a community of mentors literally willing to drop everything and help. I never got that kind of support and training at my previous company.

I started at the end of January and while working part-time, having pregnancy complications, and having my 4th baby I still matched my nursing income in 4 months!

If I can do this...so can you! I’m looking for business-minded people who want to put in the work and make some serious money!! I have a business person ready to place under you now to get you started if you are ready to go!

If this is you...let’s connect!

Q Sciences Remote
Oct 09, 2021
Looking for a few brand ambassadors to partner with me at a newer health and wellness company experiencing crazy insane growth and momentum right now. Ideal candidates have a passion for health and wellness, self motivated, driven and hard working. Sales and business experience a plus but not required. Training and mentorship provided. This is a remote position. I would love to connect with you and see if this is a good fit for you!