CaucusRoom is the online community for conservatives to gather, encourage and engage locally. Started in 2019, CaucusRoom is a fast growing, fast moving part of the emerging "Social 2.0" movement among conservatives. Activists join CaucusRoom to find ways to get active locally, and to use a great alternative to "Facebook Groups" for organizing. Campaigns, causes and companies come to CaucusRoom to find local conservative activists who want to support their efforts. To learn more about CaucusRoom, check out our "About" Site: 

CaucusRoom's work environment is fun, supportive and flexible. We're looking for self-starters who want more challenges, more responsibility, and quick advancement. Our tech stack is cutting edge, and our employee benefits are top notch. A new team member of  CaucusRoom will be contributing in meaningful, exciting ways on Day 1, and as we grow, so will the opportunities for advancement and new challenges.

$100,000 - $160,000 yearly
CaucusRoom Golden, CO, USA
Sep 30, 2021
Full-time Part-time is an online community for conservatives to gather, encourage and organize locally. Based in Golden, CO, our company is a seed- stage startup with over 100,000 accounts nationally. In the past 15 months, CaucusRoom hosted over 50 GOP state and local nominating conventions live virtually on our platform, as well as hundreds of campaigns and causes seeking an organizing alternative to Big Social. Our startup is looking for product developers well versed in mobile app design and creative software product development. Our tech stack is cutting edge and nimble, and our team is always looking to experiment with new ideas and tactics. Marty Cagan describes the candidate we're looking for in his book, "Inspired, How to Create Products People Love." Now that CaucusRoom is in both Android and Apple app stores, our small but talented product and engineering team is expanding and ready for your inspired ideas and input. Opportunities for advancement and career growth are...