GTN Technical Staffing

Who We Are

GTN is the leader in technical staffing leveraging innovation to drive next-generation recruiting to Fortune 2000 companies.

What We Do

We provide Scalable Technical Staffing solutions encompassing SOW, staff augmentation, and direct hire placement for Fortune 2000 companies, with niche service offerings in Cyber SecurityDigitalField Services, and Professional Services. Our recruiting teams are specialized, certified, and have endured rigorous technical boot camps and ongoing required educational courses and meetups.

What Proof We Have

We have 18 years of Scaled IT Staffing experience. Our IT experts have helped Fortune 2000 corporations embrace the cybersecurity and digital space, with many of our experts remaining on a contract with clients for 8+ years. Our staffing experts have been engaged to speak at cybersecurity conferences, and our teams are certified and specialize in divisions focused on the cyber, digital, field, and professional services.

Why People Want It

Our values encompass Innovation, Integrity, Strategy, and Speed. Every member of our team is certified and specialized. We are committed to leveraging high tech to deliver high-touch service.