Beyond Clean

Beyond Clean serves as the central nexus for the people, products, and processes that are pushing the Sterile Processing industry forward. Through high-powered education, media production, consulting, speakers bureau & research, we provide tangible networks to those who #FightDirty every day. Through same-day infection control assessments and accreditation survey preparedness visits, we also equip frontline technicians and department leaders to better save lives and hardwire patient safety across the continuum of surgical care.

Beyond Clean Remote
Sep 10, 2021
Wanted: Nerdy visionary who can see the true potential of any type of content and has the skills to convert it into additional, valuable content in the digital space. For example, Podcast --> Written Content Podcast --> Graphic Content Written --> Audio Content Video --> Graphic Content  Powerpoint --> Social Media Content  and anything else your visionary mind can dream up.  Our brand is playing hardball in the medical device content game and we need another player who can help us hit it out of the park. We need a doer who can dream.  Prerequisites:  Fans of Gary V and/or Darren Doane.