Mary Gwyn's Art, LLC

My company is a single-member LLC registered in Tennessee. A tiny business with big dreams! I am an artist, RN, and art educator. My paintings are of nature, mainly birds and flowers. Happy subjects! My favorites are little chickadees, cardinals, bluebirds, and sunflowers but I take requests too. I just finished an owl. That was a first!

From my paintings, products can be made into high-quality throw pillows, totes, scarves, phone cases, and many other items. Currently, there are two companies making the products for me that I am able to buy by the piece. I teach botanical style watercolor painting in one and two-day workshops for adults and have been writing a workshop teacher guide.

I love painting and I love teaching.  Right now I am bogged down in the expansion process. I am minutely small. My business consists of a boutique shop selling the products made from my art,  a small gallery gift shop selling my paintings, and several workshop teaching venues.  The teaching locations vary from the community education department of a large university to small-town arts councils. 

My goal is to supply products for a host of small businesses through independent contractors. I love having a small business and I want to partner with other small businesses to help each other thrive and grow from independent sales contractors to independent boutiques and gift shops.