Anonymous Balloon

Anonymous Balloon is for those of you who would like to post on RedBalloon, but would prefer to do so anonymously. With Anonymous Balloon you email us with your postings, we add them to the "Anonymous Balloon" employer, and potential employees are able to apply for the position directly to you.

Here are the steps for setting up a posting:

  1. Email the following information to
    • Job Title
    • Job Description
    • Job Type (Full-time, part-time, contractor, intern, or seasonal)
    • Function (construction, healthcare, marketing, sales, etc.)
    • Location
    • Salary range (optional)
    • Email address for receiving applications through RedBalloon
    • Length of time to keep posting active
  2. We will send you an invoice and set up the posting upon receipt of payment.

Your post will contain all the information you want, without any company identifiers.